Dear Friends,

After almost 2 wonderful years in Uptown, we have decided to close for good,

Time to change gears has come, as I have decided to pursue a career in teaching culinary arts. We still have couple of events to do in our beautiful Chicago before September of 2016.

Thank you to all our friends who visited us every weekend to see what we were cooking, to our old friends for always being there for us and to our new ones, we can't thank you enough!

¡Mil gracias de todo corazón!
Chef Enrique Cortez


Chef Enrique Cortez

Chef Cortez is the mastermind behind Riques Cocina Mexicana. His vision for showcasing the cuisine of his home country, Mexico, started in 2002 when he first opened Riques Regional Mexican Food. Its bold, yet savory flavors received raving reviews and the attention of GQ magazine when it was known that Riques was one of the very few, if not the only, Mexican restaurant that honored Mexican pesos.

In 2008 Chef Cortez decided to pass his restaurant on to a colleague chef to travel through the northern part of Mexico and rediscover the flavors of his childhood. Fast forward to 2014, the same building became available and Chef Cortez saw it as an opportunity to implement the new concept of Mexican northern cuisine he had been working for the past few years. Cortez decided to bring his northern style concept to live by revamping the space with colorful motives inspired by the 1950 style from his hometown, Sonora. After much anticipation of his fellow neighbors in Uptown and all the Riques fans, Chef Enrique finally opened Riques Cocina Mexicana in February 2015.